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About Us

Wiltshire Memorabilia was set up in 2011 after I spent nearly nine years working for others in the industry and collecting myself for over 30 years. Being a collector I knew how important it was to make sure that everything you buy, whether it’s to add to your own collection or a purchase as a gift for a friend or family member, is 100% authentic.


We are able to offer a great range of quality items ranging from books signed by the stars of film, sport and music as well as framed presentations which contain the signature of well-known actors and actresses from the iconic James Bond movies, through to several of just twelve men to have ever set foot on the surface of the moon!


Through our many years of collecting for myself and also looking for items for others, I have built up a good knowledge of knowing a genuine signature and a great range of products. Our main intention is to ensure that the item you are buying is 100% genuine and you are happy with your purchase. We do not and will not sell a copy or print of a signature.


We attend many book signings and other events to always try and obtain the item in person ourselves. Where this is not possible we use one of our very well respected and trusted contacts within the autograph industry to obtain an item for us. We do NOT buy from the general public who may on occasions call in with items to sell, as some others may do. We prefer to not have an item in stock if it has not come through us obtaining it ourselves or it coming through one of our respected contacts, who have many years of experience.


Our products make great additions for someone who has already started a collection or for someone looking to start out. All of our items also make fantastic presents for events such as Birthdays, Christmas and leaving/retirement presents.


We specialise in signed books as well as other signed memorabilia, all of which carry a genuine signature from the person concerned. In the case of our range of books, these would have either been signed by the author at one of the events that we have attended ourselves or through one of the many sources we use who obtain them direct from the publishers.


Each of our pieces of signed memorabilia contains a 100% authentic signature  and we will supply a ‘Lifetime Certificate Of Authenticity’ with each item you purchase. A ‘Certificate Of Authenticity’ is only as good as the company that you are purchasing your item from. Any dealer or seller of signed items should be able to offer you a full lifetime guarantee for the item you are purchasing, and be able to offer you a full refund should any item sold be proven to not be as described. This would normally take the form of the written opinion of at least two dealers who are well respected in the industry.


Some dealers will only offer a 30 or 60 day money back guarantee for a signed  item they have sold. If they are 100% confident in their products they should have no problem in offering a lifetime guarantee, as it can often take weeks to have any item you have purchased checked independently.


One of the best parts of our day is helping our customers purchase an item that has been personally held and signed by their idol, whether thats a sports personality or someone who is now part of history.


We hope you enjoy browsing our website and if you have any questions or need any help or advice just give us a call or email.


We are members of the UACC and AFTAL and agree’s to abide by their code of ethics. 


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